The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

Ten years Ago tonight (March 21, 2002) was the VERY FIRST SMITTENS Show! The Band had formed just two weeks prior. It was just Max, Colin, Holly and I (David), Dana was still in South East Asia and didn’t join us on stage until our fourth show a few months.

We played seven shambolic songs Guess What, Nate is Straight, I hate Vermont, Cool Sound, Muffin Man and Cast a Shadow. I don’t think that any one in attendance was would have predicted what was to come.

Here are some photos from the night.

Please enjoy this early version of the Song “Momus, Where are You?” It is the first song we recorded as the Smittens and it was the first Smitten song ever released. It was on the “I’m gonna watch the bluebirds fly over my shoulder” Twilight Furniture Comp vol 1 that came out later that same year.

Happy Smittenversary,

The Smittens

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