The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

Hi all! We certainly do hope you are enjoying these lovely transition weeks – here in Vermont it keeps going back and forth between sweater weather and t-shirt weather! Luckily we like them both and this time of year gives us some of our favorite green mountain days and nights to relax and rock out and go for walks and spend some quality time with friends and family. We wish you all the best!

As far as Smittens news, we do have a few things to tell you – first of all, we’ve decided on a new title for our album! The official new current title of our album is “Til the Summer’s End” and we think it suits the many moods and sounds and feelings on the album just right! We’re been tinkering with it a bit longer than we expected at first, but now that we’re on the verge of being done mixing it we are really glad to have taken our time making it all super awesome – we hope you’ll agree when you finally get to hear it!

Probably the first thing you’ll get to hear is our forthcoming split 7” with Tullycraft, which is being worked on even as we type this – our side will be “My Boyfriend’s Back” and the other side is a mystery to us – last we heard Tullycraft were planning to contribute a Pooh Sticks cover! When we have that confirmed, we’ll let you know for sure in a heartbeat!

Next month we are gonna have a fun trip to New York City for this year’s annual CMJ festival! We will be playing a poptastic Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records showcase at a club called The Tank and yes you will have to walk down Church Street one more time to get there! It’s a couple blocks north of the Knitting Factory if that helps you picture the location. Here’s the details on that:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 2007 6:30pm / ALL AGES / FREE w/ CMJ badge or $10
CMJ SHOWCASE: Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Casper & The Cookies (Athens, GA)
M Coast (Athens, GA)
Velcro Stars (Murfreesboro, TN)
Keith John Adams (London, UK)
The Smittens (Burlington, VT)
Fishboy (Denton, TX)
279 Church St @ White
A/C trains to Canal St across from Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 blks N of the Knitting Factory

Apparently the music starts at 7:15 p.m. (sharp!) and we will be playing at 8 p.m. yow!

We had such fun on our tour this summer and want to thank you all for coming out and making us feel welcome in the places you live! Athens popfest was especially fun – Dana went head-to-head against Darren Hanlon in Ms. PacMan – and lost! Yikes, but it was all in good fun – and we also got to finally play in Max’s home state of Maine and in between we had a pretty easy time travelling and getting to and from all the places we needed to get to.

After we got home, we played a special hometown gig with our new friends Lullatone, and our friend Eva (a fantastically nice and wicked cool videographer) made a little video montage out of footage she took at the show which you can watch here: smittens at tee firehouse here:

Don’t be fooled by Max looking different in the video – that’s not Max! He was in Maine on that night and we had Emily (who many of you haven’t met yet) play the show with the rest of us! Lots of folks wore pajamas, which made the whole thing extra fun.

On the Night we played in Chapel Hill at a spot we like called The Cave, we went home to our friend Ned’s pad and ate burritos and listened to all sorts of things he’s recorded for his online radio program “No Love for Ned” which we highly recommend! After we’d eaten our fill, Ned recorded a little session with Colin which you can hear here: ! If you search back in the archives, you should be able to hear the Smittens set we all recorded when we came though there last year, too!

In extracurricular Smittens news, Colin is wicked excited to announce the release of his latest album for Asaurus Records! It’s called “Apocalypse Yow!” and it has 17 songs and comes in a paper fortune telling machine! Way to go, Colin! If you wanna buy it, you can follow this link:

This January or so you will also be able to hear our new song “Interstate,” on the next HHBTM compilation!

We’ve gotta go pick some apples!

the Smittens

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