The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

The Smittens have been busy busy.

  1. First, we drove through a rainbow!!

  2. We are SO closed to done with our record; we are in the final stages of the mixing process. Mr. Eric Masunaga is doing a terrific job.

  3. We have been preparing to play wedding of Kat and Aiden this weekend. It is the first wedding we have ever played and we are very excited. We learned some special covers just for a the occasion

  4. On the Friday July 13th, we are playing at Metronome with our friends from New York the Besties, that is right the mother effin Besties! If that is not enough Missy Bly and Colin Clary and the Magogs are playing too. It is going to Be SO awesome. It is also the night before my (David) birthday!! I am a lucky boy.
  5. So we were in Boston mixing the album with Eric. He went a head to the studio and we decided to get some breakfast at a dinner just out side of Chinatown, and the Lovin spoonful is eating at the table next to us!!

Until next time,


The Smittens

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