The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

Hey Kids!

The new Smittens album, Pop Yr Heart, is almost done! Or rather, were
are done recording it and now we’re in the mixing stage – according to
Happy Happy Birthday to Me ( our album should be out
sometime this summer – we’ll let you know when the official release date
is set!

Here’s the track listing (not in order)!
100 Roses
Eleven Eleven
Something Sassy
The One for Me
Half My Heartbeats
Good to Go
It’s a Saturday!
C’mon! (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green)
My Boyfriend’s Back
Magpies and Eccles Cakes
Baby, Don’t You Know?
Hunger, Malaria, etc
All the Love in the World
We also recently had an exciting international release – in Italy!

February 1st saw the release of “Let It Bee” – a new compilation album
from Italian indie label My Honey records (

The Smittens contributed the song “C’mon! (When the Grass Grows Tall and
Green),” which the band wrote special for this Bees and Honey themed
release. Mixed by Rob Christiansen, Recorded by the Smittens!

The album can be purchased online via the label website for a mere 10

Other international pop bands featured on this release: The Shermans,
Half-Handed Cloud, Wattoo Wattoo, Locas in Love, Celestial, Luisa Mandou
um beijo, Le man avec les lunettes, Rough Bunnies, Piney Gir, Ant, Linda
Guidala, Oceano da Cruz, Eisenhower, Minibar, Mr. 60, Mocca, Mutt Ramon,
Hacia dos veranos, Sebastian Fors & The Ones That Got Away.

This release also marks the first recorded appearance of the Sweet
Smitten (Emily Hilliard)!

The mix of C’mon! is exclusive to the comp and there is going to be a
different mix on Pop Yr Heart!

In other fun news, we just turned in another new song, “Interstate,”
for the forthcoming “Happy Happy Birthday to Me vol. 3”, compilation
that should be out sometime this summer!

Everything else here has been hibernation and sneaky planning! We hope
you are all doing well – we’ve got some new shows happening in the
coming months – including a hometown gig at Parima with our friends the
Icicles (April 28th), a return visit to Boston (P.A’s Lounge in
Somerville on April 27th with the Icicles and Shumai) and we’re planning
on doing a few dates with Casper and the Cookies in May (hopefully NYC,
Philly, and D.C.) , and may even end up playing a popfest in NYC, too!

It’s going to be a wonderful spring! Hopefully we’ll see some of you
then and there!

The Smittens!

Ps- don’t forget to check out our friend Eva Deadbeat’s new Vlog, Stuck
in Vermont (, featuring tons of Smittens
music! They even use some of “I Hate Vermont” as their theme song!


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