The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

Thank you so much to all of you who made so many swell suggestions for a new Smittens moniker for our newest member, Emily! Some of them were hotly debated at Smittens HQ and some made us double up with laughter, we even got a number of good one`s from Emily`s mom! In the end it came down to Spunky or Sweet and we let Em make the final decision so now we are very happy to introduce you to Emily Hilliard; the Sweet Smitten!

As you know, we have been working extra hard on our next album and doing a few extra things on the side as well – we recently had our song It`s a Saturday! come out on a fantastic comp from Durham, NC`s 307 Knox label and will have a new song called C`mon! (when the grass grows tall and green) on a bees and honey, themed comp from Italy`s My Honey label in the late summer/early fall!

Look for us on the road starting on August 2nd! We`re excited to be playing so many new places this time around and we promise to do our best to come back and visit those of you we won`t be seeing this time out as soon as we can.

Here`s the tour schedule:

The Smittens: Summer Tour 2006

August 2 99 Custer Buffalo, NY
w/ The Grade Grubbers and La Cacahoutte
August 3 Toledo Popfest Vamps Toledo, OH
w/ Pony up!, The Maybellines, and more
August 4 TC`s Speakeasy Ypsilanti, MI
w/ The Icicles, Showdown at the Equator, & Umberto
August 5 Sazerac lounge Grand Rapids, MI
w/ The Icicles
August 6 The Red Line Tap Chicago, Il
w/ Bunnygrunt and The Fake Fictions
August 7 CBGB St. Louis, MO
w/ Bunnygrunt & Poison Control Center
August 8 The Pilot Light Knoxville, TN
w/ Bad Animal, Skeleton Coast and the Mito Band
August 10 Popfest! The 40 Watt Athens, GA
w/ Mountain Goats, Oh-Ok, and more
August 11 Joe and Jo`s Durham, NC
w/ The Midtown Dickens & Future Kings of Nowhere
August 12 The Galaxy Hut Arlington, VA
w/ The Antiques
August 18 The Metronome Burlington, VT
w/ The 78`s and Fire the Cannons
more info here.

Hope to see some of you soon and wowee are we ever looking forward to two awesome popfests this summer!

As always, don`t forget your dancing shoes!
Love and sweetness,
The Smittens

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