The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont

We’ve been super busy lately – still in the mixing stage with our latest album – currently titled “Something Sassy” – it’s our third album and will be our first for Athens, GA, label Happy Happy Birthday to Me ( – we’ve been working with our mixing guy, Eric Masunaga (, also ex-dambuilders, etc..) who has been really helping us our with some production advice, too – so this time around we are going for a fun and light and breezy kinda thing – staying true to the gentle-fi sound, but with a bit cleaner production and lots and lots of vocal harmonies and fun things like that – plus we have added banjo and fiddle to a few tunes (thanks to Emily “the Sweet Smitten” Hilliard… it’s gonna be awesome when it’s done and out sometime in the fall!

We’re doing a short tour this summer – up through Boston and up to Portland (Maine), and then down to Athens for the popfest there – we’re extra excited to play the same day as Darren Hanlon, and also with Ted Leo and co! should be a blast.

We’re also working on finishing up our side of a split single with Tullycraft that will be coming out also in the fall as part of hhbtm’s 7″ singles club and have a few songs coming out on comps and stuff… after Something Sassy comes out we should be making a CMJ appearance as part of an hhbtm label showcase and we are looking to tour out on the west coast after that – so it’s looking like a fun and busy year ahead!


also, Colin has his second Asaurus records full-length coming out in august ( and it’s called “apocalypse yow!” and that should be super fun, too – and dana and colin are planning to release their bedroom pop side project duo album (as Let’s Whisper) in the late fall or early spring – they’re hoping to get a chance to finish it off after Smittens tour. We have a few other things coming together (perhaps The Green Movie will be released), but those are the main things for now…and isn’t that plenty?

We hope you are all having a sweet Summer – we just had an awesome show here in town with our friends The Magogs and The Besties and Missy Bly – and it was a perfect birthday night for David! Of course, there was a bit of a ruckus at the club and perhaps some folks we ejected for turning cartwheels or going shirtless… oh the humanity!!!

Stay Gold and keep the peace!
the smittens

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