The Smittens Of Burlington, Vermont


#3 on  PopMatters Best Indie-pop of 2012:

“The perennially under-noticed Smittens of Vermont keep getting better, to those of us not turned off by their unabashed sentimentality or their love for cute bubblegum pop melody and barbershop quartet/Beach Boys sing-alongs. None of these should be mistaken for corniness or ignorance of the world around them. These songs are thoroughly connected to the world, the complexity and pain of it, and how we negotiate our lives and loves within it. Lusty dance-pop sits near sweet love letters and humorous looks at aging. With a punk spirit of go-for-it-all, they sing about staying positive and yourself within our times. The album’s titular credo comes from a song with a title so straightforward it could describe the whole of pop music: “Sometimes People Get Sad”. At the album’s end, when they proclaim that next year will be the year we want it to be, we believe them.”  – PopMatters